With more than 30 years combined experience acting, hosting and teaching, Richard Paul and Chris Barry make up the duo Four First Names. They are both veterans of SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando, Florida. Four First Names performs a long-form duo set called Dive In; Move Forward; Look Back.  Using an audience vote to select from unique forms made up on the fly, Four First Names dives in to create characters and environments, moves forward on a journey and then looks back with the audience to reflect on what transpired.

Here is Four First Names performing an alternate version of West Side Story in a set called What Could Have Been at the 2017 Detroit Improv Festival:

Click here to see Four First Names performing a set called  SWITCH in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Watch Four First Names show a day in the life of the Bouncing Triangle sect in a set called Cult Classic at the 2017 Palm Beach Improv Festival:

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Richard Paul has been an improviser, actor and instructor for more than 20 years at SAK Comedy Lab, Walt Disney World, Offsides Improv and is the founder of Unity in Playback Theater, Orlando's first Playback Theater troupe. His film acting credits include Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016) and GeoStorm (2017). 

Chris Barry is an actor and host at SAK Comedy Lab, a partner in Two for the Road, founder of The Random Processes, and a principal actor in Unity in Playback Theater. The pair met more than 10 years ago when Chris was a student in Richard's class at SAK University.

Four First Names performed an alternate version of CATS in a set called What Could Have Been at the 2017 Improv Festivus in Richmond, Virginia: